Doncaster Site (Stadium Stars)

Stadium Stars is our newest nursery site, located at the home of Doncaster Rovers Football Club at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster.

The nursery is a large area, divided into two rooms which offers a baby room (aged 3 months to 2 years) and a toddler/pre school room (aged 2 years to 5 years). We are located through car park 2 and the entrance to the nursery is located through the Alicks Bar entrance. Ample car parking space is available at the site, for flexible dropping off and picking up.

The site is secured with keycode panels throughout and the building offers CCTV indoors and outdoors. The main door to the nursery is the only entrance used to access the nursery, and the door can only be opened by adults, due to the keycode lock located at an adult level.

We have a large toddler/pre school room which is fully equipped with a reading area, maths area, role play area, creative area, dining area, sand & water area, construction area, handwashing facilities and various areas where children can self-select resources of their own choice.

Stadium Stars has a large outdoor space with various opportunities for physcial play, including bikes, scooters, mark making, football, hula hoops and water play.

Combined with a large baby room which is fully equipped with a sleeping area, feeding area, changing area, sensory area and free play areas where babies can self-select play items of their choice. The nursery site also offers a separate toilet area which is located in the corridor. The toilet area offers independence for the children to enhance their self-care skills by using the toilets independently and practising hygiene routines.

Stadium Stars has  a large outdoor space which is located through the soccer centre area. The space offers various opportunities for physical play including bikes, scooters, mark making, football, hula hoops and water play.

The nursery setting is within close proximity to Lakeside and this offers opportunities for walks, outdoor picnics and buggy walks for the babies.

All of our nursey sites are registered with the National Day Nursery Association, Ofsted, Food Standards Agency and the Information Commission Office.

How To Enroll Your Child?

Call: 07754 422017 or please fill in the form below and we will get in touch.