Manton Site (Worksop)

Our Manton site is located within an existing community venue (Manton Community Centre) next door to Manton Children’s Centre. The site has a large car park which is located at the front of the building. The sites main entrance is located at the front of the main building.

The site operates an electronic security system, this ensures that only staff members can open doors within the nursery by using security codes. The site is surrounded by CCTV cameras which cover inside areas inside and outside the building.

The site offers a reception area, staff office, kitchen area and large hall.

Outdoor play is delivered in the Manton Children’s Centre outdoor area, which is located by walking through the community through a adjoining door.

The Worksop site offers a large play room which is fully equipped with a reading area, role play area, creative area, dining area, sensory area and various areas where children can self-select a variety of resources of their choice.

The nursery site also offers a separate toilet area, which includes five toilets and three sinks. The nappy chnaging area is located within the main room and there is also another changing area located in the Disabled toilet area. The toilets offer independence for the children to enhance their self-care skills by using the toilets independently and practising hygiene routines. The children are encouraged to wash their hands throughout the session and also brush their teeth when they have eaten snack.

The site offers a medium sized outdoor space with various activities including: mud kitchen, mark making area, large flower chalk boards, planters with digging areas, tyres, and the site has a large outdoor shed which offers bikes, cars, sports equipment and pushchairs to help support the children’s physical play.

The outdoor space overlooks the Rainbow Park play area and is surrounded by various trees and shrubs.

All of our nursey sites are registered with the National Day Nursery Association, Ofsted, Food Standards Agency and the Information Commission Office.

How To Enroll Your Child?

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